Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an energy audit?

We require all approved applicants to have an energy audit completed prior to the installation of their new technology. We will request proof of the energy audit in Part II.

ANC Heating and Cooling is an energy audit contractor with our program. The cost of their energy audit is $350.00. This cost can be included in your loan amount.

How do I know if I am able to apply for this program?

Visit our program requirements page to see if you can apply for the Green HELP St. Louis Program.

How is my contractor paid?

Once you’ve completed your project(s), you’ll log into your application to submit part two documents. We need a copy of the final sales invoice, signed certificate of completion, and any project specific document(s). After these documents are submitted and reviewed, The City of St Louis will pay your contractor directly.

How long do I have to complete my project?

You have up to 90 days after receiving your loan qualification letter to complete your project. Once the project is completed, you and your contractor must sign off on the Certification of Completion document.

How long will it take to determine if I qualify for the loan?

It usually takes a couple business days to determine if you qualify for the loan. We review your application in its entirety, so all documents (quotes, declaration, spec sheets, and pay stubs) must be submitted with your application. Once your application is reviewed, we will send you an eligibility letter via email letting you know if you do or do not qualify.

What about energy-efficiency incentives from AmerenUE and Laclede?

Much like with home equity or other loans, the Green HELP program works seamlessly with any other incentives. These incentives can reduce the amount financed through the program. You can check with the utility companies or your contractor should have more information regarding these incentives. For more information visit our rebates page.

What if my contractor is not listed as a participating contractor?

If your contractor is not listed on our participating contractors page, then your contractor can apply for the program here. Once your contractor has been approved, you will be able to select them on your application.

Where do I create an application?

Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page.